Monday, August 11, 2008

UFC 87 - A Team Effort

Just came back from UFC 87, and it was a great win for Kenny. I needed to keep up a blistering pace to support Kenny. Not only was I there to do the nutrition monitoring, but to keep Kenny's diet as clean as possible by serving as his personal chef.

We had a running joke the whole time in MN, let's order something from KHOP(Kevin's House of Pancakes) . I had the chance to train some of the great people from UFC for a mini Burn with Kearns morning workout. Thanks to Donna and Tony for joining in. Bruce Connal, didn't miss a chance to workout as well.

My wife, who is my anchor back home, took care of the kids and fulfilled orders for my DVDs and Fitpacks. This was no small task as orders have been very strong.

As of late, I have been traveling to NJ weekly to work with Kurt Pellegrino for UFC 88.