Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back from Buffalo

Just finished a great 90 Day Burn with Kearns Fitness Challenge seminar at Master Khechen's school in Buffalo, New York. We had over 80 participants - 20 of them children. At the end of the seminar, a few kids even asked me to move up there. It's extremely encouraging to see people with so much energy. The day flew by for them and me. Special thanks to Master Khechen, Michelle Burnett, and all the staff at his school. Their hospitality is greatly appreciated.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fighter Training Updates

I shot down to NJ today to train Kurt Pellegrino. He's getting ready for UFC 101 on August 8th and is right on track! My counterpart, Sharon Wentworth, helps me while I"m not there. She has been a huge asset for me and Kurt.

I played a little trick on Kurt, for his new ''Gas in the Tank" program. I told him on the drive to the gym it would be a walk through. I fibbed:) I wanted to test him and see where he was at. As a coach we need to use this tactic once and while to keep athletes on their toes. He did great and he will be ready for Josh Neer. Another MMA fighter client Jorge Gurgel, fights on Friday's Strikeforce card. He was out training with me for 3 weeks. Jorge is ready to put the past in the past. Kenny is lookin good as always as we approach his title shot at 101! Until next time stay strong, stay fit and stay focused.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fit for Life in Maryland

I just came back from another awesome weekend at Tristar Martial Arts. We had close to 100 people participate in the 90 Day Burn with Kearns. Fit for Life Challenge. We launched a kids version and had 20 children who had a blast exercising with the medicine balls and bands. The kids didn't want to stop! That made us all smile from ear to ear. Children are the key to combating the obesity problem in this world. We need to start them early and continue the process daily. Kudos to Keith, Debbie Thompson and the staff at Tristar Martial Arts in MD. This is the 5th seminar I have performed there and I feel honored to be their strength and conditioning coach. 

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Heat or Ice

Most of the time the use of ice is a better option after training, especially if there is a injury concern.  Ice will aid the healing process by reducing  inflammation. Since the effect of exercise will generally raise the  body temperature and increase swelling, it is wise to "cool" the area down after exercise.
A process of contrast can be performed with an injury which means heating the injury up and then icing it down. This increases blood flow to aid in recovery and then stops the swelling with ice. A ratio of of 7 minutes of heat to 3 minutes of ice is recommended.