Friday, January 23, 2009

My MMA Road Trip

The past few weeks have been very busy, I have been in NY, NH, MD and now Colorado conducting MMA Conditioning seminars and having a blast. We are rolling out a new program that uses the Burn with Kearns FitPack with martial arts schools to launch a 90 day fitness challenge. It's an innovative program that my mentors Tim Barchard , Keith Thompson, and myself have put together.

The response has been overwhelming. Tim had to close my seminar at 40 people, and Keith had to add a second session so we could handle 98 people! Last week when I went to MD , I received an unexpected email from my friends at Under Armour. They asked me to come out early and train a group of them. What an awesome company!

Kudos goes out to Marcus Davis for his win at UFC 93! We gear up now for Stephan Bonnar's fight on Jan 31st and Kurt Pellegrino's fight on Feb 7th. The MMA Partner Drills DVD is ready - we are just waiting to receive product shipments.

All the Best

Saturday, January 10, 2009

MMA Training For the New Year

This week was a bit of a surprise. I have been getting Marcus Davis ready for his fight on Jan 17th in Ireland. He sent me a text and asked if UFC 205 lber Tim Boetsch could work with us. Of course I said. Marcus is looking better and better with each camp. His speed and agility are becoming off the hook! It 's exactly what my Kru Mark Dellagrotte wanted me to do with him. Tim Boetsch enjoyed the work out a lot and said it really felt like he was in the a fight. That's the goal my friend.

Kenny's is getting stronger every day and the BodyBlade has helped a lot with his new program, so much so I bought him one for Xmas. It's an excellent tool for strength and rehab that we have used for conditioning MMA and martial arts clients.

Well off to the editing room to finish up another MMA Strength and Conditioing DVD. Until next time, Cry in training so you can Laugh in battle!