Tuesday, December 23, 2008

UFC Fighter Training Updates

The holidays are here and things are in full swing. I have several fighters getting ready for early 2009 fights. Last week I went down to NJ to work with Kurt Pellegrino on his new gas in the tank program for his fight on Feb 7th. It was truly an evil program. Kurt called me 5 days later and said he was already feeling the results.

A few weeks ago, Stephan Bonnar came in to work with Kru Mark and myself. Stephan has made real progress after his knee surgery and is ready to get back in the ring. Marcus Davis and I will be working closely together over the next few weeks for his fight in ireland. As always Kenny Florian and I continue to work smarter on his S and C conditioning.

Happy hoildays. Cry in Training, Laugh in Battle.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Helladays

I have been back for over a month from UFC 91 and I did not even notice. It is true - time does fly by.

This week I will be working with Kurt Pellegrino on his Gas in the Tank phase training as he prepares to fight Rob Emerson for Fight Night 17 on February 17th. I am also working with Marcus Davis for his fight in Ireland next month. Last week we offically wrapped up shooting the latest installment of the basement tape series, MMA Conditioning Partner Drills, the content will be off the hook. I start shooting today for an MMA pay to view site (more details to come).

It's amazing how cranked up my kids get with Christmas around the corner. A sponsor of mine, Fitness Quest sent me a bunch of Bosus, so I had them set up in my family room so the kids could get rid of some energy. Better than siting them in front of the TV!

Well time to bolt to sweat my a$$ off in yoga. All the best. KK