Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fighter Training Updates

I shot down to NJ today to train Kurt Pellegrino. He's getting ready for UFC 101 on August 8th and is right on track! My counterpart, Sharon Wentworth, helps me while I"m not there. She has been a huge asset for me and Kurt.

I played a little trick on Kurt, for his new ''Gas in the Tank" program. I told him on the drive to the gym it would be a walk through. I fibbed:) I wanted to test him and see where he was at. As a coach we need to use this tactic once and while to keep athletes on their toes. He did great and he will be ready for Josh Neer. Another MMA fighter client Jorge Gurgel, fights on Friday's Strikeforce card. He was out training with me for 3 weeks. Jorge is ready to put the past in the past. Kenny is lookin good as always as we approach his title shot at 101! Until next time stay strong, stay fit and stay focused.