Monday, March 2, 2009

Alex Karalexis Comes Back

Over the past few weeks my client and bro Alex Karalexis from WEC came into town to train with Mark Dellagrotte, Kenny Florian, and myself. He needed to be ready for his next fight. Two losses in a row is not a good position to be in for the fight game. Alex is a natural 170lber, but given that he is only 5 7", he has to go down to 155. This is not easy for him. Plus, couple that with working full time at the Zuffa Gym in Vegas as their head trainer.

Alex is a great guy, who will always keep you laughing and is a solid Bostonian (he always has your back). As a fighter, some people may say he is not that technical. However, he makes up for that in balls and heart. We worked very hard over the past few weeks with his conditioning and diet. Kru Mark and I as always made sure we were on the same page. The toughest part was his weight. It was a tough cut, but the job got done. He won last night at WEC 39 in the first round by TKO!

Congrats to Alex a true Greek Warrior and the whole team!