Wednesday, July 15, 2009

UFC Fan Expo

The UFC Fan Expo was a huge success! I want to thank my Kru, Mark Dellagrotte for inviting me out to share his booth. I was honored to meet and talk with some of my many fans.  This was a huge high for me and gave me tons of drive to continue helping people.  I will to take Burn with Kearns products and programs to new levels.

Special thanks to the Bruce Lee booth and their crew for helping me during the event. A big thank you goes out to my friends from Colorado - Carol and Conner Cardova for helping me set up the Burn with Kearns booth.  I met and went to the fights with a new friend, Oliver Grunner, the action star!  Thanks to everyone who gave me positive feedback on my articles and DVDs!  I'm truly blessed to have all your support.