Sunday, October 25, 2009

Warriors Weekend in Toronto

I had a great weekend in Toronto at Robinson's Karate. Master Robinson hosted a Warrior's Weekend for his students. Instructors included myself, Master Chris Rappold, Shihan Moti Hornstien, and UFC fighter Jeff Joshlin.

I came in early to work with Master Robinson and his staff on part of the Burn with Kearns Core Conditioning Certification Level 1. They definitely absorbed a lot during the course's 8 hours.

Since I am training Master Rappold for his World Championship fight in Italy next month, we took the opportunity to work on his gas in the tank program. He will be ready for his upcoming fight next month.

As a bonus for me I got the chance to train with Shihan Moti on gun defense. I was amazed at the detail that he went into during his seminar. Master Rappold and I teamed as training partners for that seminar and continued with Jeff Joshlin's striking seminar.

Saturday started off fast and furious with Master Rappold's sparring seminar. You can see why Master Rappold has been a champion so many times. With a short break the students hung in there and got ready to Burn with Kearns. Even though the weather wasn't great, we had an a boatload of training and laughs. Good food after was provided by Master Robinson in the form of miles upon miles of sushi.

I want to say thanks to Master Robinson and his team of instructors, Ian, Eric, Mike, Trevor, Jason, Troy, Tyler, Steve,and Nate for a great time as well as all the students.