Saturday, April 10, 2010

Victoria, British Columbia

I am truly blessed to be able to travel so much and meet such wonderful people around this earth of ours. Victoria, British Columbia is an unbelievable place. I have never seen a place so clean. The architecture is inspiring. What a beautiful island. Victoria feels as if you stepped back in time in Europe when you walk around.

Big kudos to Mr. and Mrs. Clark, from Clarks Tae Kwon Do for bringing me out to perform a seminar. Although I do not relish being away from my family, I would have liked to stay longer to explore. 

On the way back from Victoria to Seattle, on a early flight, I was treated to an intensely inspiring sunrise! As a culture, we need to stop and look around once in a while and appreciate the marvels of our planet.

Also, I have to say traveling on Alaskan Air is awesome. From the people, to their planes, it is truly a pleasure to do business with them.