Monday, August 2, 2010

Ball Fight: How to Develop Strength and Balance

The Burn with Kearns' coaching team always strives to take things to a new level with our fighter and athlete clients.

Remember when we were kids and we used to play “kill the guy with the ball?” That was a great game because it taught us a lot of relevant skills. It was applicable for wrestling, grip strength, maintaining balance and impact conditioning.

A favorite way of using this game in training is with a heavy duty rubber band and belt system, two fighters and a stability ball. The idea behind this is similar to when we were kids — just get the ball away from the guy who has it.

The challenge for the fighter is holding onto the ball while he has an industrial strength band pulling him backwards. The purpose of the band is it ups the intensity of the workout. Try this one out in the backyard just in case it gets a little unruly.