Sunday, March 28, 2010

Alaska Day Two

Today I saw one of God's finest creations, Mount McKinleyIt is the tallest point in North America, at 20 thousand feet. There is no pollution up here, the air and water feel and taste different. This is truly the last frontier in America. 
To put Alaska into prospective, the state of Alaska would take up two thirds of the United States! Three quarters of the state is roadless. The air is so clear that it is hard to judge distance. Something that looks close is actually far away. 
With all the trails and woods out here, it is simple to get back to nature. You can be at peace while exercising or taking time to get quite. Time feels as if it stops. You can be a human being instead of a human doing. 
Special thanks to Anthony Barker and Valley Tang Soo Do for showing me this beautiful state. I can't wait to come back. Stay tuned for my video blog next week."