Sunday, October 12, 2008

Don't Count this French Man Out!

I have been fortunate to work with over a dozen pro fighters during the last few years. Recently, Patrick Cote and I have been working together extensively. I have to say, not only is he built strong, but mentally, he's a rock!

I know the odds are not in his favor. I know Anderson Silva is one of the best. In this sport however, anything can happen. I put Cote through some of the most grueling "gas in the tank" workouts you have ever scene. He said to me the other day "Coach I have 2 problems, I'm in such great shape I want to do more, and I don't want to sleep."

I told him he was almost ready. We want the Cote Express to arrive right on time on October 25th. It will my friends! Until next time, Cry in training,laugh in battle!